Adventures With Hank Continues!

Another day at the beach for Hank. In this video he explores Wrightsville Beach. 

A Look At Wilmington:

View locales from the riverwalk along the Cape Fear River to the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway. Find unique beach communities, charming southern architecture, and welcoming neighborhoods. In this overview of Wilmington take your first step to a new lifestyle!

Wilmington Waterways:

An aerial tour from sunrise to sunset of the harbors, coves, beaches, Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, and the Atlantic Ocean.


Kure Beach:

Along with the clean, expansive beach, Kure Beach is  surrounded by nature with vistas of the Atlantic Ocean and the Cape Fear River, and home to the oldest fishing pier on the east coast built in 1923. 

Carolina Beach: 

Only 30-minutes from historic downtown Wilmington, this beach town offers uncrowded, pristine beaches with a boardwalk.  watersports, fishing, shopping, and delicious fresh seafood.

Wrightsville Beach: Known for it's spacious clean beach and blue water in the harbor, it's the perfect place for kyaking, paddle boarding, fishing or a cruise at sunset to end the perfect day.